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Backed by over 30 years of combined valuable industry expertise, THE Management is a recognized business management and consultancy organization offering a wide array of services from enterprise design, process and operation design, HR development and formation to competitive intelligence.

The company is active in a variety of industries such as hospitality, tourism, events, destination management, etc.

THE Management brings together a complex team with multilingual capabilities and cultural diversity and draws on the eclectic talents of all the team members as well as the expertise of valued national and international collaborators. 

With headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and a broad network of collaborators in various worldwide locations, the company fulfills global tasks with seamless efficiency, utilizing developed relationships and partnerships with stakeholders all over the world.

Since 2016, THE Management has taken a pioneering step by launching the "business concierge" department, designed to assist any business with tailor made consultancy and solutions. The business concierge team and associates consists of experts and specialists ranging from HR, sales, marketing, legal, financial, psychologists, design, project management, IT and many other key fields. 

Through this service any business can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a well structured and diverse team that is ready to provide know how and personalized solutions. 

Whether through interacting with direct consumers in providing them quality products, services and vendors or consulting businesses and helping them outperform their competition, THE Management takes pride in the deliverance of exquisite services.

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ZIVAC GROUP is a Behavioral Research Center specializing in training, counseling, behavioral analysis, assessment and coaching, as well as conducting rigorous research studies on the multitude of ways in which emotions and perceptions have an impact on human behavior.

ZIVAC GROUP CENTRAL was established in 2004 and it is one of the most experienced and successful applied research organizations in Romania. The center provides educational services such as courses and workshops as well as applied research services addressed to private organizations and individuals, academic institutions, NGOs and public agencies across the country as well as abroad.

The ZIVAC community includes competent collaborators, recognized nationally and internationally, who support and share their vision.

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Fit Express is an organization that promotes a healthy, self-sufficient and unified community, and advocates for the belief that everybody can achieve physical and mental balance. The company kick-started with the vision of becoming the type of healthy lifestyle location where everyone is welcome to reach their personal health goals. Using EMS and other training techniques, Fit Express has grown a lot in the past 5 years, serving thousands of customers throughout the world and setting new standards when it comes to the health experience. 
The Fit Express concept takes health and medical sessions to the next level, having the most talented coaches meet the best equipment.
Fit Express is governed and driven by three passionate founders that share the same responsibilities, goals and visions towards the company. After spending a lot of time travelling to conduct research and gain insights, by this day, they managed to gather corporate, academic and community speakers and have organized several health conferences for those seeking to gain knowledge. 

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International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences (IIAPHS) is a cultural and scientific association  based in Italy. Their mission is to promote applied psychology through international cooperation, EU projects, international courses and conferences.

With a highly developed network of associates and over 28000 subscribers, IIAPHS has been extremely successful in their line of activity that consists of the organization and implementation of various training courses for applied psychology, covering a variety of sub specialties such as Non Verbal Communication, Lie Detection, Manipulation and Persuasion, etc. 

IIAPHS brings together professionals from a variety of backgrounds and countries both from Europe and abroad thus providing complex expertise on subjects such as psychology and social sciences: social psychology, criminal psychology, psychology of marketing, forensic psychology, cultural psychology, et cetera. 

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The Organization for Promotion of European Issues (OPEI) is an educational, active and innovative NGO located in the region of Paphos, Cyprus. The main focus of OPEI pays attention to issues such as education, culture and youth.

OPEI constitutes of several professionals such as psychologists, social workers, teachers and other associates that contribute towards achieving the organisation’s main objectives. 

In recent years, OPEI has participated in several EU and national projects, such as the CoE "All Different All Equal" campaign, Youth exchanges, Grudntvig and Leonardo Mobility lifelong learning projects and strategic partnerships.

OPEI is a member of the Cyprus national network of Anna Lindh Foundation for the dialogue among cultures and cooperates with national research centers and academic institutions.

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